Welcome to Faith and Fiction!

In addition to my main website (https://tonyaweeks.com/), I have created this blog page, where I will be posting excerpts from my books and also writing articles for encouragement and inspiration. Who among us doesn’t need a dose of goodness? If you would like to subscribe to receive e-mails when articles are posted, I’d love to have you join! Thanks! — Tonya Weeks

Inspired by her love of Christian fiction books and her desire to encourage women in their faith and friendships, Tonya Weeks combines her gift of storytelling and her sense of humor to bring authentic characters and uplifting plots to life. With wit and wisdom gained through both fun-filled and humbling experiences, she easily connects with her readers, drawing them into an imaginative world of life, love, and laughter.

For more information about Tonya’s books: https://tonyaweeks.com/